OOTD Diary-February 11th-17th

By Lucy Harbron - 20:49

i know i know, it has been a while! I'M SORRY!

I've been snowed under with school work this week so i had to concentrate, BUT!

I made an effort this week to photograph my outfit everyday so here is my OOTD diary for this week!

Monday-Accessory over load!
So i started off the week with my hair in middle parting and making it wavy! Makeup wise I'm wearing my normal everyday makeup, but I've stopped wearing mascara (BRAVE OR WHAT?!)
mmm after school attractiveness!
Dress-new look-£20
Collar Necklace-Vintage Vogue-£8
Phone Ring-Vintage Vogue-£3
Scrabble and snow white ring-Vintage Fairs

Tuesday-Oh So Parisian!
On Tuesday i went to see a play that my best friend was in, it was a Greek myth play so naturally i dressed like a really clever person channelling geek chic/Parisian vibes then adding a LOT of red lipstick! I absolutely adore this trousers, they look so good but like most primark trousers they go baggy after the first wear so you have to wash them a lot, but i think they are worth the washing!
Lipstick-Miss Sporty in Dream-unknown

Wednesday-Little House in the 70s
I wear my pinafore 24/7 i love it so so so so so so so much! It's still quite chilly so instead of layering over it I've been putting it over jumpers so i don't have to hide it's beauty! Also as you've probably guessed i wear lipstick most days! I plaited a little bit of my hair to one side just for something a bit different and to add to the country girl look.
Lipstain-Rimmel 1000 kisses in kiss me

Stacker Rings-primark-unknown


Thursday-Apparently it was valentines day.
Yeah i was alone on valentines day. Alone, revising for a french exam and eating veggie burgers with my mum. So i avoided pinks and reds that day and went for a chilled out top, knitted cardi, jeans number! I also changed my hair into side parting but kept it wavy.

Top-River Island-Unknown
Jeans-Primark-£12 i think
Lipstick-Topshop Innocent-£6

Friday-End of school, Start of LFW
This day called for a celebration so i wore my favourite polka dot tea dress and lashings of red lipstick. I kept warm in my super cosy tights which are heaven!

Tights-Primark Super cosy-£3
Lipstick-see Tuesday
Watch-River Island-£15

Saturday-I was like totally buggin'
I had planned to wear my vintage mustard shirt but then the button fell of and i was totally buggin! So i then threw together a Cher Horowitz outfit and I'm in love! i love the lace along the bottom of the shirt, looks so pretty untucked. Also on Friday night i put my feather extension back into my hair, i love these so much as they don't stand out loads but they look really pretty!

Lipstick-NO.7 in sugarplum
Earrings-Dolls and molls-unknown
Watch-River Island-£15

Sunday-Wearing Happiness
This is my all time favourite outfit. It just makes me so happy and i love love love how it looks. Enough said.
Velvet top (it's actually a bodycon dress)-Topshop-£35
Braclet-River Island-No idea

I wasn't going to post this photo, but i feel like you need to see the real me. I'm actually hilarious!

So that's my week! Let me know what you've been wearing this week and if you like posts like this!
ALSO I'm going to give all my lovely followers/readers a shoutout on instagram so leave your instagram names below and I'll do them!
That's all for now folks!
Have a great day
Much love
Thought of the day
How on earth can you be passionate about bread?! (watched a baking show, im not insane promise!)
Song of the day
Do the right thing-Dog is Dead

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