Matte Top Coat Experiments...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:33


I finally Rimmel London's Pro Matte Finish and as promised i did some experiments! Here are my results!

So throughout this week I've had it over OPI's nail envy and i loved the effect of it! I totally mattified my nails and made them look really soft and pretty! Then on Friday i had a massive nail session and tried out lots of combinations!
Classic black

It was matte black nails that make me buy this so naturally it was the first combination i tried. I thought i looked really pretty but i didn't seem to get a massive effect. You could tell it was there but it wasn't as good as i thought. I applied 2 coats of the matte top coat but i think i would need a few more to get the leather look i had longed for!
The Outcast Colours

I then tested it out on two colours that i had been neglecting for a while! The purple (Rimmel London- marshmallow heaven) one i got for Christmas and i just find too bright and not pastel enough for me. The neon orange (Accessorize- festival) I've had since august and i always found too garish! I loved loved loved the effect of the matte polish on these colours! I think it tones the purple down a bit and brightens the orange so it can class as neon. It has really converted my opinion on the orange to the point where i really like it now and I'm really excited to wear it! They will both look amazing for S/S13!
The Classics

Next i tried out some of the colours i use most. I adore my topshop polish but they are all ready quite matte so there wasn't much effect on them. The red looked amazing, it really brightened the colour and made the polish look a much richer colour, yum! The cream/nude again is already quite matte so had little effect but still looked really pretty!

The Main Attraction

Finally i tested some of my feature nail polishes. My glitter polish and my two metallics-one a green/purple, one a silver/blue. I didn't expect the glitter to change but wow! It looked so pretty, the matte top coat made the clear polish in the glitter seem to disappear giving the effect that the glitter was stuck to nothing! Love love love the look! The silver/blue metallic didn't look much different really as i think it is too light but the green/purple was my favourite out of all my tests! It kept its colour change effect but instead of being shiny had a disco pants/leather sort of look that i adore! So bold and tough. LOVE!
In fact i loved it so much i painted all my nails so i could obsess over it all weekend!
Overall i liked the colour but it doesn't work as well on light/pastel colour as it does on bold ones. I really like the effect it leaves and lasts ages. I definitely recommend this if you want to spice up plain colours or hate having dull nails for school!
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Have a great day
Much Love
Thought of the day
Not leaving the house is the best way to spend the weekend, besides going shopping!
Song of the day
Today's song comes from Jack Vallier a singer on you tube, i love his cover and his originals! This boy has some insane talent and i know that in the future he will be selling out stadiums and releasing number 1 records! Insane voice and insane songwriting!
His cover of Kodaline's high hopes literally melts my heart!

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