Lessons About Investment + OOTD

By Lucy Harbron - 21:26

hey there!

So lately I've realised that I've finally stopped being scared of spending money! I've always been a shopaholic but i have always hated spending my money. I never used to buy "expensive items" so always bought cheap, worse quality clothes that were never as nice or lasted as long.

Lately I've learnt to class more expensive clothes as investments and started to weigh up value for money and price.

  1. Follow your instincts but think rationally-If you try something on in a shop and think "wow. i need this in my life" you WILL wear it! But you need to think before you buy, make sure it isn't just a novelty you will like for a week then just leave to collect dust in your wardrobe.
  2. Plan an outfit-It is the worst thing ever when you buy something then get home and realise you have no idea what you are going to wear it with. So when you try it no decide what you want to wear with it then you can buy the things you need when you are out!
  3. Be strong enough to walk away-We all know how hard it is to walk away from beautiful clothes. But if something doesn't fit/feel/look right it is pointless spending lots of money on it as chances are it won't last very long. You need to be able to say "no, it isn't worth it" and walk away. YOU CAN DO IT!
  4. Treat yourself-Sometimes you have to. If you love something, sometimes you should just treat yourself just to get that buzz when you walk out of a shop with a bag containing your new favourite thing!

OOTD-Top to Toe Topshop
I'm a recent topshop convert, i never used to buy much but I've been really loving their clothes lately and their nail varnishes!

So I'm still totally in love with my pinafore and I've been wearing it a lot!! Pairing it with my next blouse, new look dress.

But recently i realised that i was struggling to get my wear out of my red velvet body con dress which i bought for a Winter ball and I'm still  in love with!

THEN If you follow me on instagram you will have seen this picture- 
I'm Wearing-
Lipstick-Topshop in "innocent"
Velvet dress-Topshop-£35
How I created the look-
The best thing about this pinafore is that it is really baggy so you can wear anything underneath-Jumpers, shirts, dresses, whatever! I took my velvet dress and rolled the bottom up so it didn't show underneath my pinafore and SHABAM velvet and denim combo! What more could you want from an outfit?!

Leave me a comment telling me what your best buy has been lately!
That's all for now folks, i bought a couple of nice things today so leave a comment if you want me to do another haul!
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Have a lovely day
Much love
Song of the day
Never Let me go-Lana Del Rey

Thought of the day
When I'm out shopping and I'm carrying lots of bags i always feel like Cher from clueless. All hail Queen Cher.

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