Best Lush Trip Ever...

By Lucy Harbron - 19:18


Today me, my mum and my sister woke up super early and set off at 8:30am. We arrived back home at around 4pm. Where did we go?! Shopping. I feel like this is the only appropriate time to say "go hard or go home." extreme shopping in its prime!

I had a really lovely day and bought some SUPER PRETTY clothes which i will include in my "what i bought during February" haul at the end of the month. But the best part of my day (apart from ikea, i love ikea.) was going into lush!

I go into Lush every time I'm out shopping but I've never enjoyed it as much as i did today! I'm an extremely awkward person and i HATE it when people in shops come up and ask "You OK there?" as i just don't know what to do in social situations (yeah I'm weird) but i didn't mind it today!
So i was just minding my own business and i called my mum over to show her this product I'd had my eye on for a while called "grease lightning" which i thought would be perfect for my icky teenage skin. So we were stood looking at this bottle when one of the employees came over. But instead of saying the generic "you OK there?" she started telling me and my mum about how her sons use the product and why she personally really likes it.
I get really annoyed when you ask about a product and the employee just says what is written on the bottle, but today the women (whose name i wish i knew) had real life experience of the product, properly formed opinions. I think all employees should have experience of the products cause i like hearing people's opinions before i buy something as i feel like i can trust it if i know it works well on others, if you get what i mean?
She asked lots of questions about my skin care routine and what my problems with my skin are. She then recommended other products she liked/used that she thought would work well with my skin and even gave us some free trials of "grease lightening" and a moisturiser she recommended called "vanishing cream".
Also while i was there i repurchased the "mask of magnaminty" and we talked for a while about how AMAAAZING that it!
Overall i think lush just has a really friendly feel and i love how warm and kind all the employees are! I really recommend that if you have a question you ask them, without hesitation! The women was so friendly and she really helped me out in store today, so definitely ask you never know what free trials you might get (cheeky!)
I'm so excited to try my trials and I'll probably end up buying them so I'll write a little review at some point!
Leave me a comment telling me your best shop experience!
Thats all for now folks, I'm off school for a week and im going to try to blog daily so please leave some post suggestions!
Have a good day
much love
Thought of the day
Lingonberry or coke? WHEN IN ROME! (i was in ikea)
Song of the day
Burning Desire-Lana Del Rey (DO I SEE AN ENGAGEMENT RING?!?!?!?!)

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