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IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?! GOOD WEATHER?! it's been like 2 days since i last posted and i swear i was having withdrawal symptoms! I'M SO SORRY! everything has been craazy! I've painted my room (pictures to come soon, promise!), I've been to a party, I've watched a full series of made in Chelsea (addicted.) and I've been trying to fit in revising and keeping some form of social life. ugh ugh sorry! Also i know i said i might do a "get ready with me post" but i ran out of time and it would have been to similar to my "what's in Lucy's beauty drawer" post. SORRY!
          I was writing my CV yesterday and i was writing about fashion in my "interests and hobbies" and it got me thinking about how much i love fashion so i thought i would share something i really love about fashion with you!

Why Fashion?

It connects us all
No matter what people say everyone cares about how they look, it is just natural. Sure some people love fashion and some people just put clothes on. But fashion, clothes, trends link all of us together, everyone across the whole world. Everyone thinks about it and it is a part in every ones life. Like a common factor in all of us. And that's kind of amazing, that when i get up and think about what I'm going to wear that day, millions of people all around the world are doing the same thing. Pretty insane!

It allows up to be different
Imagine if we didn't have fashion, we all just wore the same thing, just imagine how horrible it would be to feel a certain way inside and have no way of showing it on the outside. We would all be so trapped and have no way of standing out or being in anyway different or unique. I can't imagine that i would be happy if i couldn't dress like me, or show any personality through my clothes, like just imagine! Also we would all be living in that awkward moment when you get to a party and you are wearing the same dress as someone else...24/7 awkward twins!

It never leaves
Sure things so out of fashion but they never leave. Even the shortest trends stick around for a long time and everything normally comes back around like one big cycle (i wrote a huge post on this that you can read HERE) We are always reaching back into the past and finding inspiration, bringing back trends and styles from years ago. Vintage shops really popped up in 2012, we all wanted a bit of the past. No doubt years from now our great grandchildren will look back to 2013 and take style inspiration from us!

It is art
I used to not get catwalk fashion but then i stopped looking at it like clothes and viewing it as art. It has a meaning and an aim to inspired people and make them think about things. It just another material used, like a paint brush or pencil, some people make art through material. It's about expressing thoughts and opinions and putting them out there for people to see, sharing! I love watching catwalk shows i think they are so beautiful and creative, i hope one day to go to a fashion week in either London, Paris or new york and see a show for myself! It just gives me the goosebumps!

It gives us a boost
There is nothing like a perfect outfit to give you a confidence boost. I have certain clothes that i just feel happy when I'm wearing (let me know if you want me to do a post on this and show you these items). Outfits that i feel really good in just give me such a boost and really brighten my day. I think when it comes to purchasing you want to buy things that you feel wow in, that make you feel amazing and like a showstopper. In my opinion it is worth the money to feel amazing in an outfit, you aren't buying material you are basically buying a bit of confidence, which i think is a good

It allows you to be whoever you want
You can choose what you want an outfit to say. If you want to be cute, mysterious, glamorous, classic, quirky, you Can say it with your outfit! Quite often i wake up and want to be someone else for a day or show a different side of me so dress for that side. Like an alter ego. Fashion is basically dressing up. Life is a dress up party, you choose who you want to be and you pick a costume. I really love that.

There are so many other things! I just love being out and seeing someones outfit and thinking "wow", i don't know that person but they have managed to grab my attention just by what clothes they pulled out of their wardrobe that morning. I think it is so beautiful and magical that we can say so much without even opening out months but let our clothes speak for us. There is nothing like it! nothing in the entire world.

That's all for now folks, i go back to school tomorrow so that's the end of daily blogging for now (SAD TIMES!) but remember to subscribe so you never miss a word!

Have a great day
much love

PS. Leave me a comment letting me know what things you want me to write about and if there are anythings you want to see!
           Also i am deleting the fashion, beauty and music pages and starting to post just on here and the simple smiles, finders keepers and Lucy's Narnia pages. So if there are any posts you want me to put in the main bit let me know! yaaaay

 Outfit of the day!
So here is what i wore to that party!
Shoes-New Look-£10 due to pricing error!

Song of the day!
I Promise-George Baines

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  1. Oooh really want to see your new painted room! I love switching up my room - it sorta makes you feel different - like when you switch around your furniture and you feel like you have a new room! I'm so inspired by your love for fashion. I've always loved clothes but I've always found that I can't really wear what I want because I don't have a job therefore I don't have my own money to buy whatever I fancy. Also I love dresses a lot but I've always felt like "i'm 15 i can't wear dresses every day". My love for fashion has grown since I've gotten older and this has definitely inspired me to dress the way I want to!
    Great post, looking forward to the next x

    1. aw you're my favourite person ever! thank you so much! i used to feel that way about dresses but then i was like "YOU KNOW WHAT! life is too short to only wear dresses on occasion!" :') xxxxxx


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