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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a great new years eve/day and is feeling super good! 2013 GUYS! First i would like to apologise for the fact that i didn't post yesterday, Cath Kidston sale distracted me...sorry not sorry.

       One of my new years resolutions was to get better at make up and learn new techniques and things! I also want to get some nice new products at some point. So i thought why not share with you what is in my beauty drawer (i have too much stuff to just have a bag) at the beginning of 2013, then I'll do the same at the beginning of 2014 and we will see if i succeeded in my resolution! YAY! here we go!


What is in Lucy's Beauty Drawer?!

Skin Care
If you are a regular reader you will know that I'm OBSESSED with the Lush mask of Magnaminty, so i obviously use that a lot and just absolutely love! But another Lush product that i love and use daily is their Tea Tree toner water! I just spray my face with it before i put on my makeup and it really helps everything blend in and not be patchy, but also really helps my skin and it smells amazing! So i definitely recommend that-£3.95.

For my rubbish teenage skin i use Freederm gel for breakouts!

I also have a ridiculous amount of hand, face and body moisturisers! Seriously, i have no idea why i have so many?! I like to swap and change which ones i use and I'm forever being given more as gifts in sets! But i do have favourite ones that i always come back to! These are;

  • For my hands i use Soap & Glory's hand food it works really well doesn't leave your hands feeling slimy and greasy (which i HATE!) but this one just makes your hands feel so soft and also smells amazing as it contains marshmallow...how cool is that?!-£5
  • For my face i use Nivea Visage's Moisturising Fluid. I really love this as it smells really clean and pure as it isn't scented and contains loads of things that are really good for your skin! The bottle is also dead good as it doesn't let too much out so you don't end up in that situation when you have more moisturiser out than needed and you have to much too much on (might just be me that always goes that!?)
  • I also like Simple's Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser (long name!) This one also smells amazing! I think it smells a bit like coconut but that might just be me. I like using this after washing a face mask off because i makes your skin feel really light not like some moisturisers than really weigh your skin down and make it feel really tight.
  • For my body i ADORE FCUK's Body Butter. I comes in their Little Indulgent Box but i think you can get is separately, I'm not entirely sure! But this moisturiser is incredible! It is creamy and luxurious! i can't even describe how much i love it, GO BUY IT!-£5 (for the box)

Make UpI actually have a lot of make up but most of it is from when i was much younger and lives in a HUGE box in the bath room! Every now and then if I'm messing around with make up a couple of items make the jump from the bathroom to my little bag in my beauty drawer which contains all my daily essentials and favourites. So here is what this bag contains;

  • Garnier's BB cream in light-I don't really like foundation and i had always been quite dubious about having anything like foundation as my skin used to be a lot worse! But i finally gave in and bought some BB cream. Best. Decision. Ever. If you haven't got BB cream yet, WHY NOT?! It has helped my skin massively and contains all these good things to even out skin tone, fight spots, protect skin from the sun and hydrate! Seriously, it is just so amazing and doesn't feel cakey and blends really well. - Prices vary from shop to shop.
  • The Body Shop's Tea Tree Concealer-This again has helped my skin a lot and works well. My only problem with it is you need to put it over the top of either moisturiser or BB cream because otherwise it doesn't blend in very well.-£7
  • Miss Sporty's So Clear pressed powder in 001-This is a transparent powder so it doesn't make you orange or overly bronzed. I use this everyday as BB cream does make you a little shiny so i use this just to matte my face. But i love this powder as it is so light and airy and doesn't make you shimmery. You can also put this over blusher if you just need a little shine blocker while you're out.-£1.50#
  • George's Under Eye Concealer-My mum and sister both use this. Between us we have tested quite a few different brands of under eye concealer and the George one is definitely one of the best! It blends in really well and also covers redness around the nose just as well. It is really light and covers perfectly!-£4.50 
I have 3 mascaras that i use daily. Some days i use all three, and swap and change on other days depending on how i want my eyes to look.
  • For my bottom lashes i use Clinique's high lengths mascara-The brush is so weird as it only has short bristles on one side of the brush so you can cover each eyelash without them clumping. It is more like a comb than a brush so it makes your eyelashes very feathered out and doll-like. I really love it as it doesn't clump at all, so it ideal for bottom lashes.-unknown
  • For long lashes i use Rimmel's Extra Wow Lash mascara-This is just a really simple mascara with a full brush so it really lengthens and volumises your eyelashes and makes them really dramatic. Just a good all-in-one mascara!-£5.49
  • For super volumised lashes i use Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Show Off mascara-The brush on it is really good as you have your normal think brush but then it has a bit on the end that is like a little ball covered in bristles ideal for getting your eyelashes in the outer corner of your eye to get a sort of cat eye look like i really love! It also massively adds volume your lashes, like SUPER volume-£4.99
I don't often use eye shadows but if I'm putting eyeliner on i tend you brush a lighter skin tone over the whole of my eyelid, but I've also been using it to do Fleur De Force's 1950s festive makeup tutorial which i love! So these two eye palettes have made their way into my bag!
  • Clinique's colour surge eye shadow due in Deco Dence-I use the nude colour all over my eye and just brush some of the chocolate brown colour into the contour of my eye just to build up some colour. My only problem with this palette is that it is quite shimmery so i only use it for events or parties. But the colours are lovely!-price unknown
  • No7 eye palette-I'm not sure what this one is as it was a gift and doesn't say anywhere but it has the prettiest colours and the nude isn't shimmery so it is perfect for everyday use! The colours are also perfect for a smokey eyes look or just to add a little colour to your eyelids! So pretty and they blend together really well.
I'm rubbish at putting eyeliner on but I'm slowly improving so i have a random selection of eyeliners in my bag! But my favourite is Avon's Glimmer stick in Blackest Black-This is like a wind up crayon so you don't have to bother sharpening it. It is a really deep black and goes on really easily! But it comes off well, it doesn't like stay there for days, which is a plus! I also have another Glimmer stick but this one is still the black but has tiny glitter pigments so it gives your eyes a little shine! I'm so excited to use this as i only just found it but I'm definitely using it at the next party i go too!

I'm a self-confessed lipstick addict! It is my ultimate essential, i wear it everyday and my collection is swiftly growing! I seriously need to go to lipstick rehab, i love it so much!!!

  • NO7 Moisture Drench in75 Sugar Plum-I adore the colour of this! It's a plum colour so is in between a deep pink and a purple. It makes a really nice change from red or pink lips and looks amazing with all colours. I like to wear it with navy blues and whites. It is very bold and more of a statement lipstick than a nude pink so i like to apply it straight from the bullet to get it really block and bright! It doesn't dry your lips out like some lipsticks do and lasts for ages. Just all around pretty and long lasting! what more could you want?!

  • Miss Sporty's Perfect Colour Lipstick in 055 Dream-This is your traditional red lipstick, bright and bold and luuuush! This lipstick smells and tastes amazing, kind of weird but yeah it smells like watermelon! It goes on really well and is really full and bold, but it does come off easily. It doesn't smudge which is good but if you drink something you leave a nice trail of lipstick and you will find that by the end of the day it has totally gone! But for a party or social event i really like this lipstick as it is really bright and is a really traditional red.

  • Topshop's Lips in Innocent-I only got this a couple of days ago as it was a late Christmas present and it has instantly become one of my favourites! (Thank you Stells!) It is so moisturising and leaves your lips feeling amazing. The colour is like a really light rose colour and has a slight gloss to it. This lipstick goes with everything as it is quite a nude pink so i think this will become my new school lipstick as it lasts all day and keeps your lips soft and refreshed! I will most definitely be purchasing another topshop lipstick as I'm in love with this one.
  • Avon lipstick in Pout-This is my everyday nude lipstick that i wear with everything including my school uniform. It's just a simple, good, moisturising lipstick that stays all day.
Makeup Removal
Depending on how much time i have depends on what i use to take my makeup off.
  • Little time- I use Primark's Eye makeup removal pads- These are really good and aren't greasy like some eye makeup removers are. They are just small pads and one pad can take off two eyes of mascara or one eye of liner. I really like these! I then use Primark's Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes-These have really helped my skin and remove my whole face of make up really easily and quickly! They leave your skin feeling really clean and fresh as well so that's a massive plus! And for £1 for 2 packs they are a HUGE bargain! I massively recommend these!
  • If i have time i use Garnier's simply Essentials Soothing Cleansing Lotion-I just put a blob onto a cotton pad and it take all my makeup off so easily! But it also moisturises and you can use it just as a moisturiser if needed. So good for skin and it makes my skin feel lushhhh.
I got these two for Christmas as they smell like everything good in the world.
  • Boots Natural Collection's Vanilla Body Spray-Seriously, this smells like a cupcake. it smells edible and it just incredible! Go and buy is now, i can't say anything more, GO NOW!
  • Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck-We all know that I'm an obsessive Taylor Swift fan so when my fellow fan/best friend came told me that she had got like 1000 samples from boots and i smelt it...i fell in love. And honestly i didn't just love it cause it was Taylor's, it actually smells incredible. It isn't knock-out strong which is good, it is just a pretty smells very girly and floral. I really love it, just absolutely adore it!

SO! They are my beauty essentials! I obviously have hair stuff as well but this is already the world's longest post! Let me know if you want me to do another one of these posts with all my nail stuff as i have a LOT of that! And let me know if you like these sort of posts and what you want to see!

That's all for now folks remember to subscribe!
Have a good day
much love

Outfit Of the Day!
Here is what i wore yesterday;
Earrings-Dolls & Molls- Unknown
Jumper-Primark-Unknown again but i love it!
Glasses-Gok Wan for Specsavers 52-£99

Today i wore;
Jumper-Primark-either £12 or £14

Revision kills fashion..."revision"....I'm a terrible studier...yeah.

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  1. Loved this post! I really love your gifs :') So unique. And OMG I'm trying to revise as well! But I spend my day reading magazines (Teen Vogue as well but mine has Harry on the cover) and blogs. I cannot study :(
    Niamh x

    1. studying is the worst!!! hehee thank you!

      Your comments make my day!



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