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hellllo lovelies!

So i said i would do a wardrobe favourites blog a while back but last weekend i was deciding what to wear and i picked out the blue and white polka dot tea dress i wear pretty much 24/7 and my mum said "you always wear that!" and i replied with "yes, cause it makes me happy!" and it honestly does! every time i wear that dress i feel good and confident. So i thought i would share the clothes in my wardrobe that make me happy!

The Clothes That Makes Me Happy

Day dresses

H&M polka dot tea dress-Like i said, i wear this all the time and I've probably had it for about a year now and it is still being washes constantly! It is just so simple but it always looks really cute. I wear it with woolly tights and either a knitted cardigan or a jumper over the top as the collars look so cute under a jumper. Also on lazy days i don't wear the pull in belt so it is baggier and more floaty but when i go out the belt gives it a really nice shape. For all those people hung up on the "dress=formal" mindset, this is the dress for you! The material is really soft so it just drops unlike a formal dress and the buttons running all the way down really dress it down and make it more casual! I honestly don't know what i would do without this dress, i just wear it all the time and it is just perfect! If i had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of my life it would be this dress as i think it just defines me as a person and is the cosiest, cutest little dress! I definitely recommend you go get one of these dresses as they still sell them in many pattern! I think i might actually go get myself another 1...or another 100!

New Look red polka dot skater dress-I got this dress last Christmas and it sat in my wardrobe untouched for ages! But then i rediscovered it and now i wear it all the time. The shape is just beautiful and it really flatters my figure (or so I've been told!) I like to wear it with either my woolly cream tights or with skin colour tights and a cream jumper over the top or with no jumper and a collar necklace. It is the perfect dress to either dress up with a necklace and heels or dress down with tights and a jumper but either way i love it! I adore the dark, dusty red colour with the off-white polka dots. I think it gives it a really vintage feel, partnered with my pin-curled hair (tutorial HERE) i feel like I've just stepped out of ballet shoes! The dipped back and brown belt just finish it off.

Primark light greeny/blue over sized knitted jumper-This is the cosiest, warmest thing i own. I wear out with a cute skirt underneath and just around the house with a pair of leggings. I think the colour is just beautiful and so pretty, and the elbow patches just add a little extra! It took me ages to decide on a colour as i like this bluey colour the best but worried about matching, but it actually looks so nice over a pair of light blue jeans as a really simple throw on and go outfit! Primark have had loads of really chunky jumpers this year but i find that a lot of them are really itchy. This one isn't at all! when I'm just sat around at home i wear a vest underneath and it doesn't irritate my arms at all like some knitted jumpers do! It is really soft but super warm so i definitely recommend you get yourself one of these for this ridiculously cold weather we are having here in England!
Primark white knitted jumper-This is a really simple white jumper, not cropped but not over sized. I just sits on your hips and looks reeeeaaallly cute! I love to wear it with dark blue jeans, red lipstick and black brogues. I think it is just so simple but the pattern along the neckline and hems is just adorable and really adds a twist to the jumper! I also wear this jumper over my H&M dress sometimes as the ends stick out a little so it has a really nice shape but still makes you look slim unlike some jumpers!

H&M cropped cream jumper- I think one of these H&M cropped jumpers is essential! I wear it over everything, dresses, skirts, shirts. It is just a really plain cream jumper, short body, long sleeves, really soft. Wardrobe essential and i think it was only £9! My favourite way to wear this jumper is over my H&M dress, my all-time favourite outfit! If you follow my instagram you will probably notice how much i wear it.
Matalan floral t-shirt-I rarely go to matalan as i always think the clothes are more for older women. But i adore this t-shirt, i bought it ages ago and still wear it loads. It isn't sheer but i wear a vest underneath as it is quite see through but the pattern is so cute! And the lace detail at the neckline with the little bow is just adorable! The sleeves are really wide so they fall really flowey and wavy which always looks really nice. I wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and a red/orange chunky knit cardigan.
River Island flower detail sleeveless top-I only bought this a couple of weeks ago in the sale but I've fallen in love! It is really wide so it has a really nice shape to it, and the flower detail is so cute and always looks lovely! So far I've dressed it up with dark jeans and heels and dressed it down with light jeans and a big cardigan. I love how white it is, like a breath of fresh air. Also, it isn't sheer! It is so hard to find nice tops that aren't sheer at the moment, but i have!! ACHIEVEMENT! and it was only £12, bargain!
Shirts-I have two favourite shirts! My black and white new look one which is really thick and isn't sheer! And my next, floral one which has a sheer front and and cotton back. The next shirt is just the prettiest shirt I've ever seen! It has lace around the collars and sleeves and the flowers are so cute. I wear both these shirts under my red jumper! very Wednesday Addams!
Formal Dresses
There was only one choice for this. My topshop red velvet midi body con dress. what can i say?! I am in love. It just fills me with confident and really flatters my shape and always looks amazing. I am forever looking for excuses to wear this beauty!
So they are the clothes i own that make me happy! Leave me a comment and tell we what yours are!
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Have a great week!
much love
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