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oh hey guys!

So i had a pretty weird dream a couple of nights ago and it made me sad so why not share it with you?!
     So i was casually strolling into B&Q with my mum and dad telling them about the hair cut i wanted (don't even want a hair cut so who knows what that is about?!) then the dream skipped and i walked out of B&Q with thick, wavy cropped hair which has always been my dream hair! Somewhere inbetween Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel. So basically the exact opposite of what i have, hurray! But this dream made me really sad because i have pathetically thin hair so i know i can never get this dream hair cut, sad times i know *cries*

    Overtime I've done a lot of hair experimenting so i thought i would share my hair story with you! Prepare for some really bad hair and really unattractive photos of me....ENJOY!

Natural Hair
My natural hair is a mousey blonde colour which I've always found really dull and boring and meh. Also my natural hair is super thin and super straight. To all those people that want naturally straight hair-trust me, you don't! I can't do anything to my hair, curls just drop within an hours and nothing stays right! ugh ugh ugh hate it!

So until my whole childhood i had the traditional block fringe which looked dead cute and i actually really like when i look back at it! I had this for agggggeeeesss and my mum kept cutting it back(wonky!)

Bob Problems
       I don't remember when the full fringe went but it seemed to disappear sometime in primary school. Then from the ages of about 6-11 my hair when from a bob to long to a bob to long. I honestly have no idea why i kept going back to having short hair as i always regretted it! I remember one time getting it all cut and being like "yay i love it!!" then half an hour later crying because i hated it so much. It looked terrible on me, i really really reallly reeeeaaalllllyyyy don't suit short hair...LESSON LEARNT!

     So i made after leaving primary school which long hair and a really bad side fringe which wasn't really side fringe just a terribly cut side bit, i then decided over the summer that i wanted a change for my new school...and i made a huge mistake...can you guess?....yep.....bob. WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID LUCY?! It was just as bad and made me look like a 5 year old and ugh i regret it so much ugh. I was just horrid and got really greasy and i just had no idea how to style it so wore ridiculous head bands and hair bows and ugh just no Lucy!!!
Long Hair don't care
    Gradually my hair got longer and longer and i liked it! My side fringe grew long as well so i started pinning it back and plaiting it in a very Lauren Conrad in her "The Hills" era  type way. I started wearing it in middle parting for a bit and occasionally curling it. It was just really easy to handle and style which is good and i could do a lot with it which i really liked. It gave me the chance to experiment with it and just mess around to see what suited me and what didn't!

    BUT it was around this time that "victorious" came on TV and like all other teenage girls i fell in love with Ariana Grande's bright red hair. It ate away at me but i couldn't dye it in term time because my school would hate me! Over the Easter holiday in 2011 when i turned 13 i tried to dye it with a really bad (shockingly bad and cheap, it came in a sachet for crying out loud!) hair dye....yeah it didn't work! It was then that i realised i had one of those really awkward hair colours that really doesn't like to be dyed! But i also realised just how bored i was of my hair and how much i wanted a change.

The Paramore Phase #1
    Just before summer in about June 2011 i finally changed my hair! I had been literally obsessed with paramore and Hayley Williams for a long time and i stumbled across a picture of Hayley with her hair up in a pony hair and a really rough cut almost spikey full fringe and fell in love. I started looking around and found loads i liked! I didn't want a neat totally straight fringe so this edgy fringe was just for me! SOOOO i got it done!

    At first i was really unsure and didn't wear it down much because as my hairdresser described my hair wasn't used to having a fringe so it took a while for my hair to chill out and get used to itself! which it eventually did and i started really liking it. I pinned the side bits up and started to try new things!  I kept getting it cut back keeping it relatively rough and never allowing it to get too long or too defined. All was good in the world of  Lucy's Hair! But when i look back I'm never sure whether i suited it or not, hmmmms

Red Velvet Head (Kinda...maybe?
After going to Spain in the summer of 2011 i took the opportunity to dye my hair red for the rest of the summer. I liked it and all but i was disappointed that it wasn't very bright and faded really really really quickly! It went for of a rusty ginger colour which i actually didn't mind that much!

The Paramore Phase #2
I made a mistake... a bad one...Can you guess?....yep....bob. Around this time i decided to be really angsty and moody and listen to paramore again as well as many other rock artists! My dress sense when and everything went back! It all started when i stumbled across a picture of Hayley with a rough cropped hair look and side fringe. By this point i started pushing my fringe to the side again and growing it out. It had all these really annoying long bits in that really annoyed my mum but i obviously thought looked "supa kool" So in autumn 2011 i got a bob again WHY LUCY?! Like all my other bob experiences i liked it for a while then hated it!

     This time i decided to take it a step further and died my hair BRIGHT GINGER! literally it was orange!!! Me being weird loved it for some reason?! Gradually my roots started coming through and my hair started to resemble a tiger?!

The Attempt
My mum has lovely dark brown hair and it is so so so so pretty! When my roots got really bad me and mum mutually agreed that it was time for me to dye my hair a normal colour to try and cover them. So i found the most beautiful photo of zooey deschanel i have ever seen and decided to dye my hair dark brown and i was sure it would work!
      I dyed it and at first i hated it and thought it was too dark, but gradually i started to really like but gradually my PERMANENT dye started to disappear and within a week my hair was somehow back to my natural mousey blonde?! HATE U HAIR DYE.

Present day
So my hair gradually grew and it is now at a length i like it as i can put it up in high pony tails, top-knot buns, pretty much anything. Also all remains of hair dye is slowly disappearing leaving me with a natural ombre which i LOVE! My natural hair has come back much darker which i like as well.
      I love my hair but i often consider trying to dye it dark again but more of a Wednesday Addams vibe to it, but I'm too much of a wuss so for now my hair is frozen how it is mainly due to fear!

Dream Hair
If i could have any hair in the whole entire world it would be mid-length like Alexa Chung and thick like Zooey Deschanel. Obviously i would have a full fringe but it wouldn't be too block. My ideal hair would be wavy, not curly, it wouldn't be perfect and would kink out and be a bit messy. In terms of colour it would be a deep chestnut brown. WAA! i want this hair so much!

         I've been a fan of Gabrielle Aplin's for many years now and this week my mild jealously of her face turned into insane jealously of her face and hair!!! SHE HAS MY DREAM HAIR!!!! Please someone get me this hair, please, TELL ME TO DO IT!!!

one day....

SO! that's my hair story, leave me a comment telling me your dream hair and any hair related disasters!

That's all for now folks remember to subscribe!
Have a great week
Much love

PS. I've made the decision to only do outfit of the days when i have a particular outfit because i tend to wear the same things over and over so that isn't exciting and also I'm really lazy so often just stay in my uniform or just throw on a big jumper which again isn't exciting! So sorry if you like them i just don't want to post the same outfit over and overrr

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  1. Haya! I love Alexa's and Gabrielle's hair too! And I'm going to cut mine in a few days.. but i don't know how to explain hairdresser about her fringe.. I know I can show them photos of girls but I can't find perfect image.
    Can you know how to call their firnge?

    1. erm im not sure, its quite a circular fringe? There are plenty of photos if your search gabrielle's instagram!

  2. Ahhh Zooey Deschanel & Alexa Chung have the most perfect hair! I'm going to get a fringe tomorrow at the hairdressers! I'm nervous but I guess it's just hair! xxx


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