My 2013 Wish List...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:36

oh hey!

so i haven't been shopping in like 3 weeks and I'm going a little bit insane! One of my new years resolutions was to invest in things that i really want, so i thought i would show you my "2013 wish list" which has some investments and some little bits i quite fancy!

Lucy's 2013 Wish list!
1)Eavesdrop blue floral leather shoes-office-£45- I just adore these shoes, the fact the shape looks touch but the floral print makes them more girly and fun and just every me. I think these would look so nice in spring/summer with jeans (and shorts if we actually get a summer!) and a cute shirt. I just think they are really pretty and would last ages as they are leather!

2)Creepers-I didn't use to like creepers but they have grown on me and i think i might finally give in and buy myself some! I like the Burgundy ones but I'm also a huge fan of the pastel colours as they are just a bit softer and tone them down a little. Suki Waterhouse totally worked her black/union jack creepers so i think it may have been her that turned me pro-creepers. I also like urban outfitters yellow/orange suede ones as they look a bit more rustic.

3)Eyeshadow palette-I think this would be essential for my new years resolution of getting better at make up. Fleur De Force talks about the Urban Decay naked 2 palette which looks really neutral and perfect for everyday use. But then Zoella featured the Stila in the light palette in her 2012 favourites and that looked so pretty as it had neutrals and then blacks and blues perfect for smokey eyes! So i hope to get one of the two at some point this year and get practising!

4) Lots of nail varnish!-I hope to add to my collection this year with some neutral base coat colours like lilacs (Essie's Lilacism is my favourite!), pinks and creams but then i want to get some really different colours like forest greens and oranges. I also love topshop's metallic ones, my favourite is Eclipse-£6 so i may treat myself to that next time I'm out! But i just want LOADS of different colours!!
5)Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Lipstain in Lovesick-£5-I have red lipstick, i have plum, i have light pinks but the one colour i don't have is a really bold pink! So i need one to complete my collection (I'm addicted). I've heard loads of good reviews about this product and I've been wanting to try it for a while so i think 2013 is my time! I use lipstick almost everyday so my lips get quite dried out so I'm hoping this will help my lips as reviews say it is very good and works as a balm as well which i really need so if any of you have tried this, leave me a comment telling me what you think!
6)Gel eyeliner-I have no luck with pencil eyeliners and my friend has Topshop's gel liner in ink and absolutely loves it. So i think i might buy a gel liner and see if I'm any better with that as i really want to improve my eyeliner skills as i think it always looks so nice and makes my eyes look so much bigger and brighter. So hopefully by the end of 2013 I'll be a top eyeliner applier!
7)Urban Outfitters Staring at Stars border print baby doll dress-£52-I've wanted this dress for months now but i just can't bring myself to spend the money. But this year i will! I think it would look so nice with thick, woolly black tights and a knitted cardigan. It is so simple and cute i just love it!
8)Urban Outfitters vintage renewal O&O skater skirt-£15 in sale-Slight obsession with velvet at the moment and i love skater skirts so BOOM this is my perfect item! and it's only £15!!!! So i plan on ordering this ASAP cause I'm literally in love with it! I think it would look so nice with a shirt tucked in and black tights with a cropped cardigan and brogues or creepers! need it in my life!

9)Topshop socks-I honestly can't believe i don't already own these but i think if I'm going to get creepers these are essential! They are so adorable! i want them now!

10)Cambridge Satchel bag-I've wanted one of these bags for so long and after over 2 years my trust Cath Kidston satchel i use for school needs to retire as it is very old now and has definitely seen better days! I want either a red or navy bag with a gold L on the front (how cute?!) Of course they are extremely expensive so i plan on asking for it for my birthday in April! yaaay!
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have a good week
much love
no outfit today lovelies, studying took over!
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  1. Lovely wishlist! I loved the cat slippers Taylor Swift was seen wearing but I didn't think they were cheaper alternatives until I saw your links on the fashion page! Sadly they are out of stock but I want to find them somewhere! I'm also going to start wearing more dresses this year so I want to get a denim pinafore dress and I'd love a cambridge satchel! I have the Naked 2 palette but now I really want the Stila one...! Sadly Stila isn't stocked in a Boots near me :'(
    Anywho great post x

    1. I agree with you, I would love a Cambridge satchel, they're so pretty and they have a lot of space to put things haha!!
      And you could buy a Stila palette from Boots online!? :) xx


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