New years Resolutions...

By Lucy Harbron - 20:24


HAPPY NEW YEAR! (OK a couple of hours early, but still!) So every new years eve people all around the world write some new years resolutions, and i have done the same! So i thought i would share them with you so if i don't keep them you can yell at me (please don't!). I would love to know what some of your new year resolutions are, leave me a comment!

New Years Resolutions!

Write more-If you're a regular reader you will know that i want to be a writer but i seem to lack the motivation to write! In 2013 i want to write more stories and even attempt to finish a novel. I really want to get a book published before i can drive (probably unrealistic but still!) and if i don't write i never will. So i want to write a lot more in 2013 because i really love it.

Be more social-I'm so shy and awkward i feel like it sometimes holds me back. So in 2013 i want to become less awkward and more social and confident as i think it would make life a lot better and make me a lot more comfortable and less anxious in social situations. I think that would be good but i doubt i can do it! I'm so socially awkward it's painful.

Experiment with clothes-I see so many things in shops and say "oh that's nice but it's not very me" but to be honest I'm not quite sure what "me" is! So in 2013 I'm going to buy the things i think are nice, I'm going to try new styles and things that i normally wouldn't. I want to be more creative with outfits and take inspiration from magazines and celebrities. I just want to broaden my wardrobe and try new things to find what suits me and what doesn't! Also i will be super fun!!

Learn to invest-I don't like spending money, but i love to buy things. That is my problem, so i end up buying cheaper things that are not always as nice. So in 2013 i want to invest in some more expensive things that i reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy want instead of cheaper things that i only wear once or twice.

Read more-I love to read but this year, really since September when i started my GCSE's, I've been reading less. I have certain things i have to read for school but in 2013 i want to read more for pleasure as i really do love a good book and they always give me inspiration is some form.

Improve make-up skills-I really want to practise apply makeup and watch more tutorials so i don't always look the same! I especially want to improve my eyeliner techniques (I'm rubbish basically). I also want to buy some nice new makeup such a top shop cream blush and liquid eyeliner! would be lovely and i love watching tutorials so if you know any good ones or make them yourself let me know!

Take risks-I'm scared of everything. You think I'm joking but I'm really not! I get very nervous and worry about a lot but i really want to stop and become more adventurous! I would love to take my risks in my fashion and beauty choices, but also just my everyday life! change things up a bit, who knows what i will do! (might dye my hair, hmmms maybe)

Exercise more- Me and exercise are not friends. We have a mutual dislike of each other, but i feel like it's we made up and came to some agreement.

Keep blogging-i really love doing this and i look forward to seeing my little baby grow! in 2013 i really want to go out and do some street style bits so that should be exciting! hopefully you will join me on my 2013 journey! (cheeeeeeeeeesy)

SO They are my resolutions, what are yours?

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have a good new years!
much love

Outfit of the day!
I went out for lunch with my best friends today so i got to dress all fancy like!

top-River Island sale-£12
Jeans-Primark supersoft-price unknown
Heels-New Look-£10 due to pricing error (waheyy!)
lipstick-Miss sporty 055 dream-£2.59

i felt pretty!

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  1. Those are some good resolutions! inspired me :) I have write more and be more social on my list! I can be so socially awkward as well :| like I'm good with one, two even three people but when I'm in a big group of people I don't know I tend to be shy and not express my opinion ect. So yeah I wanna work on that! Easier said than done though :(
    My friend did this thing called nanowrimo where you write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. It's like a group of millions of people who support each other while they each write 2000 words a day! Sounds crazy and I'm not sure if I'd be organised to do it but my friend finished it :)
    I also want to be committed to my art cause sometimes I get lazzzzy. Yeah and just basically work harder at school.
    And finally say yes more! I turned down so many invites to places and sleepovers this year just because I 'couldn't be bothered' and I make myself anxious and make myself believe I'll have a bad time... I've got to stop doing that!!
    Anywho another loooong comment. Hope you don't mind ;) Loved the post and you looked fab today!

    1. i don't mind at all! i really wish i had done nanowrimo in 2012 because i know that this year im going to be too busy with school work to dedicate enough time! Im totally the same, im not very comfortable around people and i can only hold a decent conversation with like 5 people! I really need to work on!

      Glad you like the post!



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