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So this is my first ever tutorial (eeeck!) but i really wanted to share this look with you as it is my FAVOURITE!

          I've been trying to pin curl my hair for ages to make it look like Emma Watson in ballet shoes (major hair inspo!) I wanted it to look very sleek and classic, but all the tutorials i found seemed to involve sleeping with pins in your hair which really isn't very comfy. So after a couple of tries i've found a way of making your hair look pin curled just by using your straighteners! yay!

          So here you are!

How to do a 1930s inspired pin curled hair with your straighteners (and some makeup stuff)!

1)First you need to go in the shower, i think this works better on clean hair and also it still looks nice on second day hair. So wash your hair then leave it in the towel for a bit, i leave it in while i eat breakfast. So about 10-15 minutes.

2)Use this time to do your skin care routine, i spray my face with lush's tea tree water and apply spot cream to any breakouts.

3)When the time is up you want to use either a bobby pin or preferable a hair section clip, either works. You want to put on on each side of your head right at the front about level with your eyebrow. This will keep the top bit very sleek and smooth.

4)I then spray my hair with VO5 plump it up blow dry lotion, and brush this through my hair. You want to part your hair just to the side, So the parting is in line with the middle of your eye. Then just blow dry your hair with the pins in trying to get it as straight and smooth as possible.

5)Now you want to choose your outfit. If you want to keep with the 1930s theme go for a tea dress or skirt with a jumper over. I went for my red polka dot dress and skin colour tights  But this hair can go with anything, so anything will do! Plug your straighteners in now to let them warm up and take out the pins!

6)After that you want to apply your make up but not your mascara yet. I use Garner's BB cream, The Body Shop's tea tree concealer and Miss Sporty's So Clear pressed powder. You want your face to look very clear and matte, so use powder to get rid of any shine! Then brush a little pink blusher onto the apples of your cheeks to give you a little Rosy glow.

7) now for the important part!

 8)Now i get my VO5 "give me texture" spray or any texture/salt spray will work. Spray it onto the top of your head near your roots and use a comb and really comb it down through the straight part of your hair at the top. You want this bit as smooth as possible. I then just slide 2 bobby pins into the side of my hair to hold back my fringe type thing and just to add effect to the pin curlness. But it looks nice with the sides pinned up as well, so whatever floats your boat. (or whatever floats your goat as someone once said to me).

9)Mascara time! You want your eyes to look wide and dollish but not clumpy! I apply Rimmel's extra WOW lash mascara, then use Rimmel's Scandal eyes show off mascara over the top just to build up the effect. Then on the bottom i use Clinique's High Length mascara which has a really good brush that doesn't clump at all! I just brush all my bottom lashes once so they are feathered out and dollish.

10) At this point i spray my hair with hairspray again because my hair is really thin and tends to fall flat. So if you have thin hair you really need to spray it good!

11)Accessories time! I go for my new pearl collar (thank you Santa) and my River Island owl watch. I also still have my Christmas/Lana Del Rey inspired nails. But what ever matches your outfit will do.

BOOM! That's it! simple or what?! It's so easy but still looks amazing, definitely my favourite hair look, so classic and beautiful. Makes me want to go back in time to when ballet shoes was set and dance (i can't dance, BUT I WOULD TRY!) I just love it and hope you do to! Comment and let me know what you think and how it goes!

That all for now folks, hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Remember to subscribe and check out my other pages!

Have a great day
much love
ps.the song in the background of the video is an instrumental version of marina and the diamonds-how to be a heartbreaker!

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