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Merry Christmas eve! Is it bad that I'm more excited about the urban outfitters sale (which started today and you need to go check out now because IT IS HEAVEN.) than Christmas? Still hasn't sunk in that Christmas is tomorrow, maybe it will when i watch the Grinch later, Fingers Crossed!
              My main worry is what I'll wear tomorrow! when i was younger i would wear whatever Disney princess costume or cute dress i was given from Santa. But now Santa either gets the wrong size or gets nothing at all. So i have to start thinking (thinking, ugh!)

Christmas Outfits!
I've never been one to stay in pyjamas all day. It is just natural instinct for me to get up, eat, then choose an outfit. I just like to feel fresh and confident instead of sitting around in PJ's. And come on, Christmas only comes once a year so you might as well take the excuse to dress up!
         I really love Christmas, just everything about it. Everything looks so cute, like an old film or a photo on a card. The green of the tree, tinsel, decorations (if you colour scheme your tree you are doing it wrong, the tackier the better!), fairy lights, everything looks much cosier and happier. Wrapping presents knowing that the receiver will love it, Unwrapping presents and it being just what you wanted/needed. Sitting down for Christmas dinner and being pressured into wearing the hat. The noise of pulling a cracker and playing with the rubbish toy that is inside.

       I love looking at old photos of christmas' when i was little. Looking at my outfits and laughing at how they have come back into fashion. For example-I wore a red pinafore when i was tiny, now J.W Anderson is selling them, i wore a black velvet dress when i was a toddler, i bought a velvet dress a couple of months ago.

        I like dressing up in a cute dress, doing my hair, choosing accessories, feeling happy, greeting relatives, listening to Christmas songs, watching the Christmas specials, and giving presents (i like opening presents of course, but i didn't want to sound greedy or selfish!).

      In terms of outfits, i tend to go for something very cute, vintagey and almost school uniform-esk as no matter how old you are, on Christmas morning to turn into an over-excited little kid, so why not dress appropriately for your inner child?! If you know me you will know that i am OBSESSED with collars. If something has a cute collar i WILL buy it. So on Christmas you can normally find me eating loads in a short, floaty dress (probably's my favourite colour) with some sort of collar, woolly tights and NEVER bare nails!

    I know lots of people go for an alternative Christmas look and wear pinks and blues instead of the traditional red and green, or go for more of a grunge vibe. Some people really pull this off and look incredible. But it has never been for me. I like tradition. I like the old Christmas films where everyone gathers around a piano to sing silent night (if only this happened), when it snows on Christmas. I just like the image of a traditional Christmas, colour schemes included. I like being a little kid for a day in my tea dress and knitted cardigan. I like to look like I've just jumped out of miracle on 34th street, or white Christmas.

   I basically wish i was a cute little kid and my whole life was in sepia. Just imagine how pretty everything would be!

   The thing that scares me is that this year i haven't been that excited for Christmas, what if every years Christmas gets less and less exciting until i just stop caring? I don't want that to happen!

So now I'm going to go watch loads of Christmas films, take a bath, do my nails and wait for Santa!

Massive love for my bestest friend Estelle who is my lovely Christmas model and is just BEAUTIFUL! Follow her on instagram!

stells wears-
snake ring-miss selfridge-£2
flower ring-vintage
topaz ring-vintage
Henna tattoo-Kit off eBay-£5 for 6 cones
nails-done by me!

How beautiful is she?! super jealous!

I hope you all have an incredible Christmas and eat loads and get everything you want!
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much love

Outfit of the Day
i know i know, i wear this loads cause i like it!
dress-New look-unknown
Tights-Old ones
(I'm useless I'm sorry!)

Song of the day
I couldn't choose one!
Droplets-Lewis Watson & Gabrielle Aplin (Colbie Caillat cover)
Christmas Wrapping-Dog Is Dead (the waitresses cover)


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  1. OMG! I just found your blog and I'm in love :) It's already on my list of favs. I love that OOTD gif! I'm going to have fun catching up on all your old posts :D
    Sorry if I come off creepy (I'm not, I swear, hehe) but I just love finding new blogs that I like! I'm a teenage girl and I also have a beauty/life blog so it's always fun finding someone similar to you.
    Think you could do a What I Got For Christmas post?

    P.s I will follow soon it's just my internet is terrible so the button isn't coming up at the minute!

    1. hi hi! im so glad you told me, i actua;;y didn't have the button! your comment has literally made my day, you're so nice and im so glad you like my blog! xxxxx


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