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If you know me you will know that I'm LOVE dresses and wear them all the time! i don't agree with the "dress=formal" stereotype, if i want to wear a dress, i will! I own many casual dresses like little tee dresses or skater dresses that i wear with woolly tights and a jumper over or a cardigan. But there is something really special about finding, buying and wearing a formal dress which just gives me tingles.
           I love going into a shop knowing that i have an excuse to buy a posh dress and spending ages finding the perfect one. Sometimes i feel a bit sorry for boys because they probably never experience this when buying a shirt or trousers, but not really cause you know GIRLS RULE! (primary school flashback!) And when you find that dress, there is the build up to wearing it, getting ready for the event, then finally putting on that dress and just feeling amazing. There is nothing like a beautiful dress to boost a girls confidence! Just that feeling when you walk into a room, in that dress, and someone saying "WOW, you look incredible!" just thinking about it makes me smile!
         But here is my confession-I have never had a LBD! (little black dress...duh) i tend to go for brighter coloured dresses or navy as it just suits my skin tone better. i know i know, I'm a disgrace to females! LBDs have been around for ages, for years women have been using it as a sort of weapon to say "ha!" to exs, or as a magnet to attract complements, it's our secret weapon...well everyone Else's!
        On the other hand,why the black dress? It is a statement? or purely cause it goes with everything? these are the questions people!

        I feel a little sorry for other colour dresses, as they can never seem to get the attention the classic LBD gets. but what about the LRD? (little red dress) the LND? (little navy dress) or the LPD? (little pink dress) I think they deserve some credit as well!

Nice face lucy..
Red is actually one of my favourite colours and i wear it quite a lot, dresses, jumpers, i would love to suit red lipstick but i don't (sad times). And i recently got to wear my perfect dress which i haven't stopped going on about for like months! dark red velvet, midi, body con dress- £34 from topshop HEAVEN! I wore mine with a pair of plain black leather heels (new look £27, but i got the for £10 due to pricing slip-ups, woo!) and no accessories but simple pearl earring and some cute party nails (hand painted by moi!) so i didn't clutter it. And i felt amazing, just something at putting that dress on really boosted my confidence and made me stand a little taller. A tight dress is very rare for me as i normally go for very cute floaty, short dresses, so this was a bit more, dare i say it, grown up for me. But i absolutely adore the length of it and it is surprisingly comfy!

Topshot floral shift dress-£50
I'm in love.
       So i did my usual shopping around and wishing i could afford all the pretty dresses, and here are some of my favourite anti-LBD dresses i found!
House of Holland AW12 jersey tennis dress
-£195..i can dream.

Topshop crystal collar dress-£50
Urban Outfitters pins&needles v-back dress

 waaa, wish i was rich! But i always find nice dresses in places like new look, h&m and primark so my tips for buying dresses on a budget are;

  • Rummage! try charity&vintage shops!
  • If that fails, stick to the places you know!
  • Think before you buy! will you wear it again? what will you wear it with?
  • weight up the cost to the value! materials-will it last?
Also! if you like a pair of shoes but your feet come out of them a bit, buy heel grips and also put plasters on your heels to keep you held in!

And BOOM perfect dress for an event!

So i say go against the classic and choose an anti-LBD dress for winter! TAKE A RISK! i assure you that it will pay of and you will feel amaaazing!

That's all for now folks! remember to head over to my other pages, subscribe &share the love!

have a good day
much love

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