fears of fears.

By Lucy Harbron - 18:56

Hello there!

So tonight is bonfire night, which i have renamed "Lucy's nightmare night". I actually hate hate hate bonfire night and i have ever since i was little!

I remember it really clearly and my fear started in about year 3 in primary school so when i was about 7-8 years old! We were learning about the history of bonfire night, Guy Fawkes and all that jazz. Then that night i just remember worrying that Guy Fawkes would climb into my window and put a tonne of gunpowder in my bedroom, and i was so so so scared! But it wasn't just that! i remember my mum telling me about bonfires and that they symbolise Guy Fawkes death and how there is a dummy of him on top of the fire. All i could picture was this man burning on top of the fire and all i could hear was him cry and screaming in my head...so you can imagine that as a 7/8 i was pretty scared!

I have a really vivid, kind of weird imagination which decides to scare me all the time by imagining the worst, scariest thing that could possibly happen in situations! For example, I'll be walking over to the stairs and my brain decides to go "what if there is a demented girl at the top of the stairs?" which really scares me! I think my many many many MANY fears are due to a bad mix of an overactive imagination and me just being a massive wuss!

But its not just fear of dead people, ghosts and zombies, I'm actually scared to talk to people! I'm so socially awkward its painful! i wont talk to any of my sisters friends, or even some of my family!

I hate the fact that these things hold me back, and i spend all the time when I'm hiding from possible social situations wishing that i was more outgoing and that i could go downstairs and actually talk to people! A big fear of mine, ironically, is that my fears will stop me achieving things. That i won't do something because i get to scared of what people will, or wont, say. That i will miss an opportunity because it is a little out of my comfort zone! It scares me! i fear my fears, bit weird but yeah!

tell me what some of your fears are!

But i hope you, my lovely reader, have an excellent bonfire night and stay safe!



  1. I'm reluctant to make a set blogging schedule because i think it's better for me to blog when i get an idea! but i think i will try and blog about twice a week either main posts on this page or little bits and bobs on my other pages! so keep an eye on my other pages!
  2. I have started an ideas notepad, so i can keep all my ideas in one place and refer back if I'm blocked! At the beginning of every blog will be a number, and that is the page number from my lickle notepad!
  3. My friend Charlotte posts you tube videos twice a week and they are so so so good! definitely worth a watch!
  4. Please please remember to tell all your friends, share and connect with me! also take a look at my other pages, fashion, music, beauty, and simple smiles!

that's all for now!

have a great week!

much love



song of the week!
i know you care by Ellie Goulding!

 Outfit of the week!
 dress-H&M-not sure how much but comes in varied patterns!
cardi-also H&M, also don't know how much! I'm useless sorry :3

but I've actually lived in this onesie from primark-£14!
best thing in the world!                                                    

RIP jason <3

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