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By Lucy Harbron - 11:42

Well hello there!

I went shopping this week (like i do most weeks-self-confessed shopaholic!) And it got me thinking about past, present and future fashion and wondering does it ever really change? Is there such thing as new fashion?

              Lets use Vans as an example, they are a big seller at the moment and you can't walk down a street without seeing someone wearing a pair! but are they new? NO! Vans started on March 16, 1966 in a store in  Anaheim, California! The company went bankrupt in 1983, but rebuilt their company and then suddenly took off again this year!

              But then again there are things that never really go out of fashion! like converse for example who have had success ever since the release of their signature Chuck Taylor All Stars. Duffel coats, simple ballet pumps, simple t-shirts, denim jeans! So many things are always in stores and magazines!

               The thing i want to know; is fashion a cycle? I did a little research and came across some picture of Twiggy back in her prime in the sixties!  One of my favourite pictures ever is the black and white image of twiggy with her signature eye lashes wearing a knitted, fair isle jumper.And looking around i found a similar jumper on ASOS! Fair isle is everywhere this year as well as last!
               Another Twiggy find was a picture of her modelling a short white dress with a high, square neck line. And looking around i found pictures of both Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift wearing similar dresses!

                But this pattern goes further back than the sixties! 1940s tea dresses and floral patterns are back! with stars like Kate Middleton, Taylor swift and Zoeey Deschanel stepping out in mid length dresses and floral tea dresses appearing in stores everywhere!

So, lovely reader, why question to you is "Is fashion about something new, so simply taking the old and re-arranging it?". I, personally, believe fashion is a cycle and all our "new trends" are just past ones coming back around again! I think new fashions are just past ones tweaked and i love it! I love looking back and seeing what people were wearing years and years and years ago and thinking "ha ha my dress looks like that!" or "wow, that would look really nice!" or "ooo how could i get an outfit like that?!" It's like going on a fashion mission to recreate the past through a floral dress and a pair of midi-heels! Past fashions are so beautiful and when people bring them forward, tweak them to suit our times, i get a little tingly feeling inside, makes me smile to see someone wearing a dress on an average day!

That's all for now!
much love
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outfit of the week-
jumper-primark £12 i think (i defiantly recommend, so cosy and not at all itchy!)
nail polish- miss sporty metal flip (read my review on the beauty page!)

song of the week-
something to say by Daniela Andrade

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